Adobe Symposium 2017

4 May, 2017 | Grand Hyatt, Mumbai | #AdobeSymp

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Over the next five years, the percentage of digital media that will be bought through a programmatic platform will grow from 18% to 60%, from almost $10B to nearly $70B. You need to be able to target your audience with the help of an automated, data-driven and transparent marketing and advertising ecosystem. To do this effectively, leveraging an array of data sets across integrated technology is imperative. Learn how to spend wisely, focusing your resources on the most relevant and impactful solutions so you can get better results from your advertising dollars.
Email and cross-channel marketing are more effective than ever for driving consumer engagement and long-term loyalty. Yet, over two-thirds of organisations struggle to consistently combine all online and offline channels in an orchestrated fashion. Learn how to manage campaigns with ease, and get amazing results. Join your peers, along with Adobe experts, thought leaders and customers as they discuss best practices, strategies and success stories for cross-channel campaign management.
Personalising your website, mobile site, apps and other digital touch points maximises revenue by increasing visitor engagement, conversion, and loyalty. The first step in getting there—implementing strategic testing and targeting practices—can prove a significant challenge. Learn marketing strategies for testing and targeting offers and experiences, ideas for management and deployment, how to leverage valuable analytics, and then how to connect the dots back to your broader marketing efforts.
Advertisers are more sophisticated and demand more value from their publishing partners than ever before. At Symposium, you’ll learn how to deliver the right message to the right audience on the right device, with less waste and better return.
All business is becoming data driven, with analytics powering customer intelligence for the entire enterprise. The promise of rich insights from massive, complex customer data is clearly enticing, but connecting the dots is difficult and often overwhelming. Discover how Adobe Analytics can help you turn big data into actionable customer insights, enabling a more personalised and optimised customer journey, and identifying the most profitable opportunities to achieve marketing success.
Content plays a critical role across the buying journey. Yet serving the right content at the right time—optimised for the device of the moment—is an ongoing challenge for marketers. You need a simple way to create, manage and deliver digital experiences across channels and adapt in real-time based on the customer’s context. Discover how innovative, global companies are connecting analytics and web content management to power personalised experiences across all channels so they can build brand loyalty and capture new customers.
Your business’s success depends on turning data into actionable insights, building personalised experiences that elevate your brand, understanding the value of social media, and determining the ROI of your marketing spend. Attend Adobe Symposium to learn how to make the most of every opportunity and get inspired to become a strategic leader within your company.
Industry gurus and Adobe’s own social marketing experts will share insights and strategies to help your company crack the code of social; stay current on trends; and get better, more measurable results.

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Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an experienced veteran, you’ll gain valuable insights, tools and techniques. At Symposium, you’ll get strategies and best practices for customer experiences, data-driven marketing and cross-channel marketing.

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Pre-conference Training
Pre-conference Training
Extend your experience with in-depth courses from Adobe Digital Learning Services.

Networking Event
Networking Event
Make valuable connections with your digital marketing peers.

Adobe Partners
Adobe Partners
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Pre-Conference Training
Extend your experience and upskill your digital capabilities with in-depth training courses from Adobe Digital Learning Services.

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