Adobe Symposium 2017

23-24 May, 2017 | Sydney Opera House | #AdobeSymp

Adobe Symposium Tracks

Adobe Symposium sessions will give you the latest strategies for bringing together content and data to create, transform and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Choose from a range of sessions across eight tracks. New sessions are being added all the time, so make sure you check back regularly.

Embrace the power of data, customer intelligence, programmatic advertising and cross-channel marketing across four session tracks tailored to meet your needs.

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Customer Intelligence and Audience Management
Experience Businesses understand their audiences and optimize every interaction with them. They work hard to discover meaningful insight from their customer and digital data, then use this insight to reshape the way they engage with their customer. This stream will take a close look at how companies are using data to deliver a new level of personalisation.

Session 1:
Customer Intelligence - Data Analytics for the Experience Business
Great experiences start with understanding and anticipating customer needs, however focusing on digital analytics alone won’t help you transform into an experience business. See the latest best practices in how web, app, and offline analytics – powered by augmented intelligence and predictive capabilities - are powering success.

Session 2:
Understanding Audiences - Optimising Action
Discover how home-grown businesses are combining offline first-party customer data together with digital data to deliver highly targeted and relevant messaging to their audience. Learn how to establish mutually beneficial 2nd party data alliances and be part of an Australian cross-device initiative that lets you market to people, not devices.

For Analysts and Data Pros.
Owned Media Platforms - Building the Foundation
Connected Experiences come from a deep understanding of the customer journey, and then managing the experience across every touch point. Tailoring content to address every stage of the customer journey is vitally important, as is managing your content quality, format and velocity to ensure it talks to the customer in the language, look and feel they expect.

Session 1:
The Why, What & How of Building a Digital Foundation
Would you recognise the tell-tale signs that your digital platform is holding you back? Hear first-hand from those who took the time to do a self-diagnosis, then see what they did next. Learn how to empower your business to deliver a seamless cross-channel connected customer experience across everything from Mobile Apps to Large Display screens.

Session 2:
Integrating & Optimising the Platform
Mapping a connected customer journey is just the first step in becoming an experience business. Learn how to personalise your customer journeys to deliver tailored experiences, whilst simultaneously managing the ongoing pressure to maintain content volume and velocity to fuel every customer segment, journey and test.

For E-Business leaders and Content Marketers, Site and App owners.
Marketing to the People You Know
Having someone’s contact details is not just an opportunity but also a responsibility. Whether they are a customer, fan or prospective customer, there is no excuse for interrupting them unless our message is relevant – given everything they have shared about themselves. This track is about understanding your known audience so well that you can orchestrate outbound communication in a way that bridges marketing and customer experience.

Session 1:
Database & Cross-Channel Journey Management
How do you make best use of the data that your customer has given you permission to use? Hear how you can overcome the challenges of bringing together multiple databases and sources of customer data – especially CRM systems. Learn how this data can be leveraged to enhance and augment the customer journey across all channels and touch points.

Session 2:
Deep Dive on E-Mail, Messaging Apps & Beyond
Too many marketers abuse the workhorse of outbound marketing. Hear how brands are going beyond batch and blast email campaigns to instead focus on improving the customer experience by giving emails the effort and attention given to the rest of their marketing activities. Learn about communicating beyond email via the latest messaging apps and bots.

For email, direct and database marketers.
Brand and Direct Response Advertising
Digital advertising is not immune from the demands of being an experience business. The ability to combine marketing data with advertising data allows you to serve advertising that serves both brand and customer. This track also the explores measurement ad effectiveness and metrics – including a deep dive on video.

Session 1:
Programmatic for the People - Understanding Your Audience
Ad data has always driven programmatic performance, however, adopting a customer centric approach can also deliver improved performance. Hear how brands are combining marketing and advertising data to deliver results. Learn how leading brands measure and attribute success – using either a brand metric or online revenue - in a way that steers and informs future results.

Session 2:
The Role of Platforms & Creatives in Advertising Success
It’s never been more important to stay up to date with the advertising eco-system, particularly fast moving sectors like Video, Social and Display. Hear the latest video trends from TubeMogul, find out how consumers consumer video content across devices and learn where video is heading in years to come. Hear first-hand from social platforms about how you should be leveraging your customer intelligence to drive ad creative.

Buyers of Media.

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