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22 & 23 May, 2017

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All pre-conference training packages come with entry to Adobe Symposium!

Upskill your digital capabilities with in-depth training courses from Adobe Digital Learning Services. Learn from Adobe’s global training facilitators on how to bring data, creativity and content together to create powerful experiences for your customers.

Pre-Conference Training packages:

1 Day Pre-Conference Training
& Symposium


Normally valued at $1,399

1 day of Pre-Conference Training
Entry to Adobe Symposium
Entry to Pre-Conference activities
Entry to networking drinks

2 Day Pre-Conference Training
& Symposium


Normally valued at $2,299

2 days of Pre-Conference Training
Entry to Adobe Symposium
Entry to Pre-Conference activities
Entry to networking drinks

Training Courses Available

One day courses:

A one-day taste-test of the full Digital Marketing Certificate offered by ADMA, this fast-paced session will look at the current digital customer, the content they consume, and the data behind the metrics and insights. Learn about the channels available in digital, how they work together, and tips and tricks for testing and learning, optimisation and management.
In this course you’ll learn how to use report builder to extract the information you need out of Adobe Analytics into Microsoft Excel, so you can then use the strengths of Excel to format and manipulate the data. The class begins with creating a simple request and covers the full functionality of the tool. We start with the Request Wizard and then show you how to calculate date ranges, build data tables and create and save filters. We’ll also cover the copy and paste functionality, including multiple request changes. The course finishes with learning how to save, schedule and share your reports.

Prerequisites: It is recommended that you have thorough knowledge of Adobe Analytics with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. It is recommended that you have completed Reports & Analytics User training.
This one-day course provides you with a basic understanding of the functionality of a Data Management Platform (DMP). It describes how Audience Manager (as a DMP) gathers user data from all the available data sources, creates user profiles, audience segments, uses algorithmic modeling to target new users, and shows how profile merge rules are used to enable cross device targeting. Audience Manager creates reports to measure and optimize the effectiveness of the audience segments. It also introduces Audience Marketplace as a feature within Audience Manager to buy and sell data.
Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace is a one-day course designed to introduce you to Analysis Workspace and get you up and running with this powerful capability within the Adobe Analytics solution. You will learn how the reporting interface and navigation work, how to run reports to get answers to your business questions, and how to configure reports for effective decision-making. You will learn how to share reports, segment your data, and create useful visualizations for analysis.
This one-day course presented by our Symposium training partner ADMA, is a step by step process of how to develop the digital strategy for your business, including examples and case studies. The course will cover ensuring you have the right business requirements, help you understand your customer digital needs and their customer journey. You will also learn how to take advantage of and map in current trends and strategy development itself. Both stakeholder management and change management will be addressed during the session.
In this one-day course you will learn the core concepts and capabilities of Adobe Target to help you successfully run marketing activities on your site. You will learn how to create A/B and experience targeting tests using the Visual Experience Composer. As part of that process, you’ll also learn how to create and use audiences for targeting and reporting purposes, and interpret report results. This course also covers auto-allocate tests, activity conflict resolution, expected behavior, troubleshooting, and strategies for improving your group’s maturity as an optimization organization.

Two day courses:

This two-day training course for analysts will help you use Adobe Analytics to find answers to your business questions. You’ll learn how the reporting interface and navigation work, how to run reports to get the answers you’re looking for and how to configure reports for effective decision-making. You’ll also learn how to distribute reports, create useful dashboards and segment your data so you can get the right information to the right people at the right time.
This two-day Adobe Campaign Standard course showcases the new tablet-friendly UI and allows marketers to create and manage their email campaigns across devices. The class provides detailed instructions on creating successful email marketing campaigns and subscriptions. It introduces the Adobe Campaign Standard UI, helps you design email and SMS campaigns, perform A/B testing, manage subscriptions, marketing activities, import audience profiles, and identify user roles and permissions.
This two-day course will teach you how to create new web pages based on various templates as well as update and modify content on an Experiencer Manager based website. It also covers how to use additional functionalities such as workflows, campaigns and newsletters, in addition to creating and managing responsive and mobile pages.


* Courses are subject to change

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