Adobe Symposium 2017

23-24 May, 2017 | Sydney Opera House | #AdobeSymp

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Owned Media Platforms - Building the Foundation

Connected Experiences come from a deep understanding of the customer journey, and then managing the experience across every touch point. Tailoring content to address every stage of the customer journey is vitally important, as is managing your content quality, format and velocity to ensure it talks to the customer in the language, look and feel they expect.

Session 2:
Integrating & Optimising the Platform

Mapping a connected customer journey is just the first step in becoming an experience business. Learn how to personalise your customer journeys to deliver tailored experiences, whilst simultaneously managing the ongoing pressure to maintain content volume and velocity to fuel every customer segment, journey and test.

For E-Business leaders and Content Marketers, Site and App owners.


Wednesday, 24 May

Owned Media Platforms - Building the Foundation Breakout – 3.00pm–4.20pm
HCF’s Approach to Agile Marketing in a Fast-Moving Industry
Cloudy with a chance of regulations - Why Moving to the cloud is a joint IT and Business Decision
Rapid Scaling Conversion Optimization with Minimal Time & Resources
Content Velocity - CC and Livefyre - John MacKenney, Tourism Australia
* Agenda is subject to change

HCF’s Approach to Agile Marketing in a Fast-Moving Industry

Presented by:
Jenny Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, HCF
In 2016, HCF invested a great deal of time and money to create a technology foundation that would power their business in years to come. Now, with that foundation fully realised, they plan to leverage this platform to challenge industry norms.

One way they’ll be doing this is by tapping into Growth Hacking.

A recently emerged discipline, Growth Hacking is the process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business. It’s a structured approach for trialling conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to business growth.

In this keynote, Jenny Williams will share insight into HCFs approach to Growth Hacking. She will discuss how they are changing the ways they work, how they choose experiments, how they foster collaborative experiment design to ensure fast paced delivery, all made possible through the adoption of a new operating model that is reshaping the rules of marketing.
Accelerating Content Velocity with Social Content

Presented by:
Jesse Desjardins, Global Manager, Social and Content, Tourism Australia
Bruce Ableson, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Adobe
How can your customers' content drive engagement and build your community? Hear from Tourism Australia on how they are working with the global community that is in love with Australia, to stay engaged and turbo charge their content velocity.
Rapid Scaling Conversion Optimization with Minimal Time & Resources

Presented by:
Harold Janson, Senior Manager Digital Conversion, Westpac
Building a conversion optimization program is hard work, and scaling that program is even harder. And trying to do it with limited resources is tantamount to madness. But conquering big challenges like this is all in a day’s work for the team at Westpac Group. In this keynote session, you’ll discover how Westpac Group rebooted and streamlined their CRO program from a base of 25+ Target users down to just 3, yet delivering more campaigns with far more sophistication and deeper integration.

Harold Janson, Program Lead for conversion optimization at the Westpac Group, will share insight into the key elements underpinning their success; how they won the hearts and minds of stakeholders before they started; how they centralized the Target team to unify the approach to growth; how they simplified and standardized the process for scale; how they automated processes for efficiency; and finally, how they even modified the governance model for faster publishing.
Experience the new Australian Benchmark for Personalised Experiences

Presented by:
Darren Boyle, Head of Digital Performance and Analytics, Australia Post
Khai Wong, Lead of Digital Performance and Analytics, Australia Post
By bringing together data and content, Auspost is delivering unprecedented levels of personalisation - and it's working. Let’s hear about the journey that brought them here and review different personas to see how the experiences change.

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