Adobe Symposium 2017

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Owned Media Platforms - Building the Foundation

Connected Experiences come from a deep understanding of the customer journey, and then managing the experience across every touch point. Tailoring content to address every stage of the customer journey is vitally important, as is managing your content quality, format and velocity to ensure it talks to the customer in the language, look and feel they expect.

Session 1:
The Why, What & How of Building a Digital Foundation

Would you recognise the tell-tale signs that your digital platform is holding you back? Hear first-hand from those who took the time to do a self-diagnosis, then see what they did next. Learn how to empower your business to deliver a seamless cross-channel connected customer experience across everything from Mobile Apps to Large Display screens.

For E-Business leaders and Content Marketers, Site and App owners.


Wednesday, 24 May

Owned Media Platforms - Building the Foundation Breakout – 1.15pm–2.35pm
The Reality of Transformation
How Dell is making marketing transformation real
Lessons in Collaborative Innovation @ Dropbox
Change in a Small Company and Change in a Big Company
* Agenda is subject to change

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The Reality of Transformation

Presented by:
Chris Daniels, Former Head of Digital Transformation, Sydney Opera House
Niklas Zillinger, Experience Design Lead Sydney, SapientRazorfish Australia
The core promise of Experience Businesses is that they put their customers first by aligning the right people, technology and processes. The challenge, however, in doing this is aligning and optimising the right people, technology and processes to become truly Customer Centric is typically a large scale, multi-tiered program of business transformation that can be easier said than done.

In this session, Chris Daniels and Niklas Zillinger will discuss the key challenges of delivering business wide transformation projects, as well as share some suggestions on how to address these. They will also share insight into how marketers can become Customer Centric by harnessing technology to deliver relevant messaging at the right time and place, powered by the right mix of human resources.
Lessons in Collaborative Innovation @ Dropbox

Presented by:
Kristin Harris, General Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Deputy
Daniel Iversen, Director, Solutions Architecture APAC, Dropbox
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How Dell Builds a Digital Transformation Business Case

Presented by:
Laura Snyder, Vice President, Global Marketing Technology, Dell
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