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Adobe Symposium has concluded.
The digital marketing event of the year will return in 2018!

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The Business of Government: Make It an Experience

Today citizens and government employees alike want increasingly better digital services and experiences. And doing so helps create better processes, increases operational efficiency and, most importantly, a better digital journey for everyone.

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Great Digital Experience is a pre-requisite. The technology is available, but how do you harness it?

Presented by:
Mark Henley, Director of Transformation and Digital Strategy, Adobe
Great digital experiences are becoming a pre-requisite for customers everywhere. The technology is available, but how do you harness it and what else is required?
Government Fireside Chat: Understanding AI and the opportunities for government to create better citizen experiences
Hear Data61’s Lachlan McCalman in conversation with Adobe’s Mark Henley discuss the role that AI can play in dramatically improving the value of government services for citizens, as well as AI’s potential to solve some of the world’s biggest policy challenges. Dr. McCalman will raise the the importance of ‘data-driven policies’ to enable this transformation and offer ways that public servants can measure success. As apassionate practitioner in Machine Learning, Lachlan is uniquely placed to speak authoritatively on the various aspects of artificial intelligence and dispel some of the common myths about an AI future.

About Lachlan
Dr. Lachlan McCalman is a machine learning practitioner and software engineer, specialising in Bayesian nonparametrics, scalable inference, and incorporating expert knowledge into machine learning systems. He leads a team that builds software systems to solve real-world problems with machine learning, with a focus on complex, ambiguous or data-poor applications where making decisions requires robust estimates of predictive uncertainty. His team writes and deploys machine learning software and services for government and industry and maintains a number of open-source machine learning libraries. Lachlan has a PhD in machine learning from University of Sydney, and honours in theoretical physics from ANU.

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