Adobe Symposium 2017

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Customer Intelligence and Audience Management

Experience Businesses understand their audiences and optimize every interaction with them. They work hard to discover meaningful insight from their customer and digital data, then use this insight to reshape the way they engage with their customer. This stream will take a close look at how companies are using data to deliver a new level of personalisation.

Session 1:
Customer Intelligence - Data Analytics for the Experience Business

Great experiences start with understanding and anticipating customer needs, however focusing on digital analytics alone won’t help you transform into an experience business. See the latest best practices in how web, app, and offline analytics – powered by augmented intelligence and predictive capabilities - are powering success.

For Analysts and Data Pros.


Wednesday, 24 May

Customer Intelligence and Audience Management Breakout – 1.15pm–2.35pm
Importance of Customer Intelligence and Audience Intelligence Core Services
NAB’s Journey to Unlock the Value in their Analytics Data
Becoming a Customer Experience Powerhouse
Data Driven Mobile App Engagement
* Agenda is subject to change

Importance of Customer Intelligence (The Role of Machine Learning)

Presented by:
Colin Morris, Director, Product Management, Adobe Analytics Mobile, Adobe
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NAB’s Journey to Unlock the Value in their Analytics Data

Presented by:
Matthew Peters, Manager, Customer Insights & Analytics, NAB
Experience Businesses put people first. They view the world through their customers’ eyes. They invest time and money to understand their customer so they can speak to them in their own language. In this session, Matthew Peters will share insight into how NAB are working hard to serve their customers better by bringing their customer data to life in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

He’ll discuss how they are unlocking the value in their analytics data through features like Customer Attributes, Data Sources, Data Feeds and "CIA Special Ops Training" to democratise data across the organisation, as well as share lessons learned as they make the journey toward delivering powerful data led customer experiences that help NAB stand out from the crowd.
Advanced Analytics

Presented by:
Name, Title
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Data Driven Mobile App Engagement

Presented by:
Grant Lukin, Manager - Optimisation & Performance, Tatts Group
Experience Businesses put their customers at the center of their business. They work hard to understand their customers so they can be in the places their customers live in, irrespective of channel.

Tatts Group recently migrated its Apps onto Adobe Mobile SDK so they had the capacity to develop native mobile App’s far faster, whilst also having access to a comprehensive array of App analytics that help them understand how users engage with the App. A key benefit of this move is it allows product developers to focus on core feature development whilst leveraging Adobe SDK to handle promotion and marketing based initiatives.

Using in App Messaging - in conjunction with rich analytics – Tatts can now drive real time marketing & customer service based messaging campaigns. Likewise, the platform allows them to leverage in App messaging with lifecycle metrics to support product lifecycle and upgrade journeys.

In this session, Grant Lukin, Head of Optimisation & Performance (Digital) at Tatts Group, will discuss how they are making the most of the mobile SDK, as well as share some key learnings from the project to date.

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