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Marketing to the People You Know

Having someone’s contact details is not just an opportunity but also a responsibility. Whether they are a customer, fan or prospective customer, there is no excuse for interrupting them unless our message is relevant – given everything they have shared about themselves. This track is about understanding your known audience so well that you can orchestrate outbound communication in a way that bridges marketing and customer experience.

Session 2:
Deep Dive on E-Mail, Messaging Apps & Beyond

Too many marketers abuse the workhorse of outbound marketing. Hear how brands are going beyond batch and blast email campaigns to instead focus on improving the customer experience by giving emails the effort and attention given to the rest of their marketing activities. Learn about communicating beyond email via the latest messaging apps and bots.

For email, direct and database marketers.


Wednesday, 24 May

Marketing to the People You Know Breakout – 3.00pm–4.20pm
Bridging the Talent Gap Q&A
Lessons Learned in Automating Irresistible Connections
NAB: Failing Fast to Deliver Rewarding Customer Experiences
Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform
Valuing Customers to Achieve a Double Figure ROMI 
* Agenda is subject to change

NAB: Failing Fast to Deliver Rewarding Customer Experiences

Presented by:
Lisa Marchant, Head of Data Activation, NAB
NAB’s strategic imperative is on delivering communications that put their customer’s needs first by focusing on their financial services journey, rather than relying on a traditional campaign push approach. Being able to deliver on this promise requires a deeper understanding of their customers, as well as a focus on building the capacity to scale digital communications that are targeted and personalized.

Adopting a ‘fail fast’ methodology, and using agile principles to fast track impact and iterate learnings, NAB’s immediate focus is on building email capability. In this keynote session, NAB’s Head of Data Activation Lisa Marchant will share insight into NAB’s journey to date, as well as provide an overview of some of the key wins and challenges they’ve experienced along the way.
Automating Irresistible Connections

Presented by:
Simon Harris, Manager, Customer Experience, Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia Group
Synopsis here.
Valuing Customers to Achieve a Double Figure ROMI 

Presented by:
Tracy Smithers, Director of Customer & Direct Response Marketing
Marketing, Product & Transformation, Westpac NZ
Westpac NZ’s First 100 Days programme takes a fresh approach to conventional onboarding campaigns. It is shaped entirely around individual customers’ behaviour; recognising each action they take, prompting them on the next step and providing personalised support whenever they need it. Addressing all major customer pain points, the non-linear contact strategy exemplifies what being as Experience Business is by being fully adaptive to give customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

In stark contrast to standard onboarding programmes, the multi-channel strategy for The First 100 Days programme is built entirely around a digitally-led, human-backed approach – it includes email, SMS, DM and outbound calling, with each of these channels offering different benefits for engaging with customers and delivering different behavioural or emotional outcomes.

Westpac’s Tracy Smithers will walk you through the key elements of the First 100 Days programme, as well as discuss the results to date, which include a dramatic reduction in churn; an impressive uplift in additional financial needs met; customer satisfaction scores increase to above 9 out of 10; a double figure ROMI; best of all, customers feel valued: “In this big world, I felt like I mattered”.

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