Adobe Symposium 2017

23-24 May, 2017 | Sydney Opera House | #AdobeSymp

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Marketing to the People You Know

Having someone’s contact details is not just an opportunity but also a responsibility.  Whether they are a customer, fan or prospective customer, there is no excuse for interrupting them unless our message is relevant – given everything they have shared about themselves. This track is about understanding your known audience so well that you can orchestrate outbound communication in a way that bridges marketing and customer experience.

Session 1:
Database & Cross-Channel Journey Management

How do you make best use of the data that your customer has given you permission to use? Hear how you can overcome the challenges of bringing together multiple databases and sources of customer data – especially CRM systems. Learn how this data can be leveraged to enhance and augment the customer journey across all channels and touch points.

For email, direct and database marketers.


Wednesday, 24 May

Marketing to the People You Know Breakout – 1.15pm–2.35pm
Orchestration 2.0 (Conducting a Symphony) - Accenture
Enabling cross-channel marketing through data
Moving From "Over Marketing” to Marketing to an Audience of “Me”
* Agenda is subject to change

Content Velocity

Presented by:
Michael Stoddart, Director, Adobe Digital Media, Adobe APAC
Bringing creatives and marketers closer together for experiences that break through.
Accelerating Content Velocity with Social Content

Presented by:
Jesse Desjardins, Global Manager, Social and Content, Tourism Australia
Bruce Ableson, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Adobe
How can your customers' content drive engagement and build your community? Hear from Tourism Australia on how they are working with the global community that is in love with Australia, to stay engaged and turbo charge their content velocity.
Enabling cross-channel marketing through data

Presented by:
Brent Burgess, Head of Digital, CRM and Group Marketing Technology, IAG
IAG has ambitious plans to lead the digital transformation of the insurance industry by becoming a customer led, data-driven organisation. Key to this transformation has been a data strategy that has provided a rich view of customer including their networks, relationships, behaviour and intent. This deep understanding of the customer will enable IAG to deliver products and services that meet their customers' needs and ensure these new offerings are delivered through the right channel at the right time with the right message. In order to support this transformation, IAG undertook a large initiative to transform their direct marketing capability 12 months ago. Direct Marketing at IAG was a traditional, outsourced operation which was less than optimal. Campaigns took up to 22 weeks to launch and there was very limited ability to measure effectiveness of marketing activities. There was also no ability to target customers across online and offline channels.The Direct Marketing Transformation, based on the Adobe Marketing suite has provided IAG with the ability to deliver marketing campaigns in days and in some cases hours. Data and the "single view of customer" has been the foundational capability which has enabled IAG, via the Adobe marketing automation suite, to effectively measure marketing campaigns as well as target customers with highly personalised offers across online and offline channels.Delivering on these outcomes involved bringing together a cross-functional team across marketing, data and technology and applying lean/agile principles.This delivery approach, combined with the data strategy and single view of customer, continues to broadened  the possibilities at IAG including off-site targeting, personalisation in addition to the benefits of cross-channel marketing.
Moving From "Over Marketing” to Marketing to an Audience of “Me”

Presented by:
Kirsten Hall, Campaign Specialist, Fairfax Media New Zealand
Grant Torrie, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Fairfax Media New Zealand
With more than 2 million online visitors a month to its flagship site, Fairfax Media NZ makes daily decisions on how to best segment and target users.  Using the power of Adobe Campaign, Analytics and Audience Manager together to enrich customer profiles by bringing known and anonymous data together, they send relevant, compelling offers and focus on continual improvement in marketing performance, enabling Fairfax Media to make the most of every communication with their customers.  In a world where "over marketing" is a significant problem, hear some real life examples of campaigns and practical tips about enriching customer profiles to understand more about your audience and drive response.

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